FCI BORC 3662 | ISDS BE/325166
* 25.1.2013
HD-C (lumbosacral transitional vertebra grade 3), ED 0/0, OCD-free
CEA DNA normal

Meggie is a sweetheart through and through. She always gives her everything when it comes to working, while being totally calm and relaxed when it’s time to rest. In every aspect she is just a joy to live and work with. Kind and loving with everybody, energetic and fully focused on the task when she’s in the ring.

Obedience is her true passion. From the very first beginning she was easy to train, always trying to please me, to get it right and to do it with all her heart. Meggie is truly a soul dog with an always happy nature and nothing bothering her. She loves posing for pictures and has a constant smile in her face.

When it comes to working she doesn’t mind if it’s bloody hot or cold, if it’s heavy raining or stormy – she just works her socks off. By that we have numerous successes in competitions, were qualified four times for the Obedience World Championships. Two times we competed there: 2016 Moscow/Russia and 2017 Ostende/Belgium. 2018 I decided not to participate. 2019 we could not participate because of an inflammation of a mammary gland she’s had one week before the competition day. This was just very sad, as she had just come into perfect shape again after a mean injury in the beginning of 2019. But anyway, most important for me is her well-being and I never ever would put competing above health.

I feel so deep for this little bitch with the big heart, I hardly can tell. So we’re working and competing together, although I have a very thoroughful look on her as the problems due to her injury might pop up from time to time. Even more as she goes “all or nothing“.

So I’m now taking a chance on qualifying her for Obedience World Championship 2021 in Switzerland – knowing, that I will quit immediately in case, the problems come up again.

Vice National Champion Austria 2016
Vice National Champion Austria 2018
National Champion Austria 2019
2019 gained the title International Obedience Champion