FCI BORC 5408 | ISDS 00/367358

* 28.7.2019
HD-A, ED 0/0, OCD-free
CEA DNA normal by parentage

Once upon a time there was me, stating that I will never ever own a smooth coated Border Collie. Then I met Janis, when I visited my friend MIrjam Lettner in Ireland, who had a litter … and I fell in love head over heels. So here she is: Toryhill Janis, smooth coated, a little crazy, loving and not planned at all. But I have’nt regretted that decision.

Janis is once again completely different from my other dogs thus forcing me to develop my skills as a trainer even more. It is great fun to train her in obedience as she is such a cheeky little frog with loads of energy. In her second profession (from her point of view the first though) she is a really talented sheep dog and I’m looking forward to trialling her.

Due to Corona we didn’t have the chance to compete anyway, neither in obedience nor in in sheep dog trials. But she is pretty well prepared to enter both the trial field and the obediencen ring, once we get back to some kind of normal life.

In obedience training she shows awesome speed and eagerness to understand the task and getting it right. She’s very quick in understanding and generalizing. Training this little bundle of energy is really a lot of fun, as she herself is full of fun, enjoying working together. The shyness she sometimes shows with people is not existent when working. Also it is not a shyness caused by fear, but just by not liking being pet by other people than me. She is definitely a one person dog and I’m fine with that.

Working sheep is her true passion. She has natural outruns with no signs of tightness, great open flanks and a very determined attitude. While she shows a really good feeling for the sheep, never upsetting them, she has no problems to go between fence and sheep or work in tight situations. Due tu my bad handling she currently needs some encouragement when driving the sheep, but I’m pretty sure that this problem will soon be sorted out as here she can empower herself with her super feeling for the sheep.

When Leia had her litter, it was Janis, who took over all the playing parts with the puppies. She revealed as the best puppy auntie you can think of. While Leia just wanted to steel all the toys from the puppies, Janis instead was a playful partner for the pups – both with toys or just social. I think she will be a great mum!