FCI BORC 4689 | ISDS DK/350806
* 4.5.2017
HD-A, ED 0/0, OCD free
CEA, IGS, TNS, NCL, GG, SN, Raine Syndrome, MDR-1 all DNA normal
OB-3, Trial Class 1

Leia’s nickname is “maniac“, which of course has a certain reason. She is a running machine with tremendous speed. This is just natural for her. She’s working with full enthusiasm and energy for toys as well as for food as well as for nothing but for being allowed to run. When Leia was a puppy she was totally crazy for people, wanting to say hello and great everybody as long as he/she was a human being. Meanwhile she has learned to behave, but is still nice with people and other dogs.

If there is a “mistake” in Leia, then it is her missing off-button. She definitely has a problem to rest and to calm down at home. She’s always ”on“, but not in a stressful way though. This also means she’s always ready to work, eager, intense and nearly unstoppable when she has the chance to run.

Thanks to Maria Jensen from kennel Menellis in Denmark for giving me this rocket-like bundle of energy!

Leia is active in obedience and herding. Currently we are trying to qualify for the Obedience World Championship 2021 in Switzerland and preparing for trial class 2.

OB-2 Vice National Champion Austria 2019
OB-3 CACIOB Winner Gödöllö/Hungary 2020